Speaking post-match on Thursday, Irish footballer Sinead Farrelly shared her thoughts on Ireland’s 0-3 loss to France in a World Cup warm-up game. While expressing disappointment with the result, Farrelly emphasized the need to learn from their mistakes and acknowledged several positive aspects of the team’s performance.

“We’re not as happy with the result as we’d like to be, obviously, but I think that we need to learn from our mistakes,” Farrelly stated. “But there were a lot of positives we can take out of it. I think the first 42 minutes, or whatever it was, we really held them and didn’t allow them to be successful towards our goal.”

Despite the scoreline, Farrelly commended Ireland’s defensive display during the game. She also mentioned a goal that she believed was onside but was ruled out. “We did so well defensively, and we also created a lot offensively. France is an amazing team, so the fact that we did that at all is just giving us confidence going forward,” she added.

She then touched upon the crucial moments just before halftime, where France scored two quick goals. Farrelly described it “It sucks when you dominate and then feel like you switch off for a second and get punished for it. But that’s what football is, and we can learn from that.”

Farrelly noted that Ireland missed crucial chances early on, emphasizing the significance of capitalizing on opportunities against strong teams. “When we play good teams like France, we have to capitalize on those chances. A goal can change the whole game,” she said. Farrelly believed that if Ireland had scored a goal or two, the game’s dynamics would have been completely different.

Regarding Ireland’s game plan, Farrelly highlighted the team’s commitment to both defense and attack. “I think initially we always want to defend and be close-knit and tight, but I thought that we did such a good job attacking as well,” she explained. Farrelly aimed to dispel the perception of Ireland as solely a defensive team and expressed pride in the team’s offensive abilities showcased in the match.

Reflecting on her experience of playing her first home game for Ireland, Farrelly expressed excitement and gratitude for the support from the fans. The record crowd in attendance added to the atmosphere, and Farrelly felt overwhelmed by the passion and cheers from the spectators.

The conversation then shifted toward Farrelly’s personal performance. She admitted feeling nervous and noted areas where she felt she could have done better, such as being calmer on the ball and retaining possession. However, she remained positive and expressed a commitment to learning from those moments.


After the match, there was a team talk to regroup and discuss the performance. Farrelly mentioned that the team recognized the positive aspects of their play but also identified areas for improvement. As a team still learning to play together, they acknowledged the need to work on their game before the World Cup.

When asked about the upcoming game against Colombia, Farrelly emphasized the importance of every game as an opportunity to improve and build relationships on the field. While the focus is on the World Cup, the team remains dedicated to giving their best in each match they play.

In conclusion, Farrelly’scomments provided insight into Ireland’s performance and mindset following their 0-3 loss to France. Despite the disappointment, the team recognizes the positives and is determined to learn from their mistakes. With an emphasis on capitalizing on chances and improving as a unit, Ireland aims to build momentum ahead of the World Cup.