In an exclusive interview with Irish football fan TV, Republic of Ireland International Denise O’Sullivan shared her emotions and thoughts as she prepares to represent her country in the upcoming World Cup in Australia. The midfielder, brimming with excitement, expressed her pride in being part of the team and the journey that has led them to this prestigious tournament.

O’Sullivan couldn’t contain her enthusiasm, describing her overall emotion as “sheer excitement.” The past few months have felt surreal to her, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. However, being present with the squad, spending time with her teammates, attending the Sky event, and receiving her official jersey have only heightened her anticipation. She acknowledged the incredible honor of going to a major tournament with her fellow players, emphasizing the sense of pride she feels for her team.

The discussion delved into the growth and progress of women’s football, as O’Sullivan reflected on the increasing investment, visibility, and attention the sport has received in recent years. The presence of numerous journalists during the media day showcased the game’s development and highlighted the team’s commitment to raising the standards and pushing the boundaries further for the next generation. O’Sullivan recognised the foundation laid by players like Emma Byrne, Aine O’Gorman, Niamh Fahey, and Louise Quinn, who have played instrumental roles in advancing the team’s standards.

While the focus remains on the pitch and performing to the best of their abilities, O’Sullivan stressed the importance of continuously raising the standards. The World Cup serves as a perfect opportunity to inspire young fans who will be watching the tournament. O’Sullivan emphasized their responsibility to keep pushing the boundaries even after the tournament concludes, ensuring a brighter future for the sport.

As the conversation shifted towards the upcoming World Cup, O’Sullivan couldn’t hide the excitement permeating through the squad. The atmosphere is filled with smiles and happiness, despite the inevitable disappointment of a few players missing out on the final squad. O’Sullivan, still actively playing for her club in North Carolina, expressed her delight at maintaining her sharpness leading up to the tournament. Recent matches against tough opponents have helped her fine-tune her skills, providing the necessary preparation for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Irish team’s focus is not only on their own performance but also on providing a memorable experience for the fans. O’Sullivan expressed the team’s desire for a fantastic send-off and emphasized the unwavering support of Irish fans, who bring an unparalleled buzz to the games in Tallaght Stadium. With the tickets already sold out, a packed stadium is expected, and O’Sullivan hopes to reciprocate the support by delivering an exciting and thrilling game for the fans to relish.

Reflecting on her personal journey throughout the campaign, O’Sullivan cited the final whistle against Scotland as a standout moment. The sense of relief and the sea of green shirts in the stadium symbolized the remarkable progress the team has made. Overcoming numerous challenges and adversities, the team has fought hard to secure their spot in the World Cup, making it an incredibly significant highlight for O’Sullivan.

Recounting her own aspirations, O’Sullivan reminisced about watching World Cups as a young child. An unforgettable memory was witnessing the passion and energy of Irish fans, particularly during a match against Germany in 2002. From that early age, football became the center of O’Sullivan’s dreams, and she always believed that one day she would don the Ireland shirt on the grandest stage of them all. Now, fast-forwarding to her first major tournament, O’Sullivan cherishes the opportunity to represent her country and make her childhood dreams a reality.

In closing, O’Sullivan expressed her gratitude for the well-wishes and support she has received and hoped for good health and an injury-free journey ahead. As she and her teammates embark on their World Cup adventure, the Irish fans will undoubtedly be rallying behind them, eagerly anticipating a successful campaign. The stage is set, the excitement is palpable, and Denise O’Sullivan is ready to leave her mark on the world stage as she proudly represents the Republic of Ireland in the upcoming World Cup.