In an exclusive interview with Irish football fan TV, Everton and Republic of Ireland goalkeeper, Courtney Brosnan, opens up about her incredible season and the excitement surrounding her selection for the upcoming World Cup. Brosnan, who was called up to the World Cup squad after being named International Player of the Year, shares her thoughts on the relaxed atmosphere within the team and highlights some standout moments from the campaign. With her impressive performances and recent achievements, Brosnan reflects on this as the best year of her career thus far.

We were delighted to be joined by Courtney Brosnan, the Everton and Republic of Ireland goalkeeper. Off the back of being called up to the World Cup squad and being named International Player of the Year, it’s been quite a season for you. How do you feel about your achievements?

“Yeah, it has been definitely. I’m just really proud and grateful to be in this position and to be a part of this group. It feels amazing to be selected for our first World Cup squad.”

The atmosphere within the team seems relaxed, yet there’s a palpable excitement in the air. How would you describe it?

“I think definitely. We’ve been in camp for a few weeks now, so it’s important not to get too stressed. We’re staying relaxed and everyone is looking forward to it, focusing on training while also enjoying the journey and everything we’re accomplishing.”

During a recent interview with Jamie Finn, she emphasized the importance of your penalty save in Scotland. Are there any other standout moments from the campaign for you?

“I just try to do my best to fulfill the role needed of me in this team. Whether it’s saving a penalty, keeping a clean sheet, or organizing the defenders, I aim to contribute. That night in Scotland was really special for me, being able to directly help the team secure a victory. I’m definitely proud of that.”

The Finland game seemed to set the tone for the rest of the campaign. Can you tell us about that?

“Yeah, the Finland game was significant for us. Coming off a narrow loss to Sweden, we went to Finland where they were expected to beat us. Personally, I felt really confident with crosses in that game, and I just had this belief that we weren’t going to lose. It set the tone for us, and we realized that we could compete against tough teams and achieve the results we needed.”

You also had a standout performance against Sweden. How did that match impact the team?

“Absolutely, everyone knows the quality of the Swedish national team and the caliber of players they have. Getting a draw against such a top team away from home really cemented everything we had been working for. It proved to us that we belong there and that we were capable of qualifying.”

This year has been exceptional for you personally, establishing yourself as the number one goalkeeper for both Everton and the national team. Can you share your thoughts on this remarkable year?

“As a goalkeeper, it’s always tough, and you have to wait for your time. I’m proud of taking the opportunity when it came and proving myself in the national team and at Everton. Qualifying for the World Cup is undoubtedly the highlight of my career so far.”

Growing up, do you have any favorite World Cup memories?

“I have so many memories of watching the World Cup with friends and family. It’s all about spending time together and enjoying the football. That’s what makes the World Cup so special.”

Will any of your family members be traveling to support you during the World Cup?

“Yes, I have a big crew coming out to Australia. My parents, sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and some friends will be there. It’s going to be a great support system.”

With the tournament approaching, how are you feeling personally?

“I don’t want to take anything for granted. I’m excited, proud, and really looking forward to it. This is something I’ve personally dreamed of for so long, and I know many of the girls share that feeling. We’re just ready to get out there and start playing.”

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