In an exclusive interview with Irish football fan TV, Republic of Ireland international Ruesha Littlejohn expressed her emotions after being selected for the World Cup squad. Littlejohn, who just received her jersey, shared her excitement and discussed the journey that led her to this momentous occasion.

Reflecting on her selection, Littlejohn acknowledged that the realization of going to the World Cup had not fully sunk in yet. She believed that the true impact would be felt when stepping onto the plane and, more prominently, during the opening game. Playing in front of approximately 85,000 spectators would be a remarkable experience for her, surpassing any crowd she had previously played in front of.

“I love playing in front of a big crowd. It kicks you on, and the adrenaline’s great,” Littlejohn explained. She recognized the significance of being selected and embraced the opportunity to participate in such a momentous event.

When discussing the upcoming game at Aviva Stadium against Northern Ireland, Littlejohn conveyed her excitement about the rivalry and the chance to play in front of a home crowd. She acknowledged that the game was an opportunity to showcase the growth of women’s football in Ireland and encourage more people to support and enjoy the sport.

Littlejohn emphasized that the visibility of the game had increased significantly, but equally important was the team’s on-field performance. She believed that the Irish team had proven their abilities, and participating in the World Cup would inspire young players to dream of emulating their success.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for for so long, and now we get to be on that stage,” Littlejohn declared. While she acknowledged the challenges ahead and the learning curve the team would face, she expressed the determination to show that they deserved to compete at this level.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Littlejohn acknowledged that there had always been a part of her that dreamed of playing in big tournaments. However, the opportunity to open the World Cup against Australia in front of 85,000 fans was beyond what she had imagined. She recognized the tremendous growth of the game and how the Irish team had overcome various obstacles to finally reach this stage.

Regarding the squad dynamics, Littlejohn emphasized the togetherness and unity within the Irish team. She believed that playing for Ireland required humility, hard work, and a team-oriented mindset. The absence of egos allowed the players to focus on playing for each other and for their country, exemplified by their relentless work ethic on the field.

As the interview concluded, Littlejohn marveled at the media presence, comparing it to events like the Super Bowl. She expressed her gratitude for the support and emphasized the need to keep pushing forward, hoping to qualify for future tournaments.

With the World Cup on the horizon, Ruesha Littlejohn conveyed her determination to stay fit, remain focused, and enjoy the experience.

As the Irish team prepares for their World Cup campaign, they aim to make a lasting impression on the global stage and inspire generations of aspiring female footballers across the country.

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